We stock our
Superior Standard
Adjustable Alleyways
in both
12 ft. or 20 ft. lengths
Each one
from 30″ wide
down to 14″ wide.

Available in LEFT HAND or RIGHT HAND

(LEFT HAND Options Pictured Here)

 We build three
different styles of

Superior Standard

Crowding Tubs
all of which come in
10 ft. & 12 ft. radius
Our #1 and #2 tubs
are available
in ½, ¾, or full 180º.

Available in LEFT HAND or RIGHT HAND

We’ll work with you to design a 

Tub & Alley System to fit your needs

Give us a call and we’ll assist you in selecting the system that works best for you.  If necessary, we’ll help you custom design the system you need.

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